The anti-virus protection that #Microsoft uses in its #Edge browser to protect the user from phishing and other threats has now been made available in the competing Google #Chrome browser
The Windows Defender browser protection can be downloaded as a Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Above all, it prevents phishing attempts and helps protect users from social engineering attempts and other malware websites.

The extension takes its name from Windows #Defender, the antivirus software that Microsoft includes in its Windows operating system.

“If you click on a #malicious link in an email, or navigate to a Web site that leads you to disclose financial, personal, or other sensitive information, or on a Web site that contains #malware, Windows Defender Browser #Protection uses a Constantly updated list of malicious content URLs known to Microsoft “is in the description of the extension in the Chrome Web Store.
If a user clicks on a malicious link, a red warning will appear on the extension.
It’s worth noting that Chrome also has built-in antivirus protection, but Microsoft claims that Windows Defender helps prevent viruses and other online threats.
According to Microsoft, Windows Defender is 99 percent effective against phishing, compared to 87 percent of Google Chrome and 70 percent of Firefox.

New Edge Browser

The new Edge Browser for Android and iOS allows users to seamlessly connect the browsing habits between the two device classes.

In early October last year, Microsoft released a review version of the Edge app for iOS, followed by the Android version. On November 30, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Windows and Devices, announced the launch of the full-fledged app on the Apple App Store and Google Play app marketplaces, along with some exciting features.

“Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android brings familiar features like favorites, reading lists, new tabs, reading views, and roaming passwords to your PC and your phone, so your browsing, no matter what device, suits you,” Belfiore wrote in a blog post

But what truly distinguishes Microsoft Edge is the ability to continue on your PC. So you can open the page that you are currently viewing on your phone with a button print directly on your PC or save for later changes.

As the name implies, users using the Roaming Passwords feature can set passwords for frequently visited websites and online services on a smartphone and retrieve these credentials when revisiting those sites on their Windows 10 PCs. The app also borrows the theme “Dark” from the desktop version of the Edge browser, draping the browser’s menus, address bar area, and controls into black and dark gray shades.

However, some users still have to wait for the Edge app to arrive in their region.
Microsoft Edge for iOS is currently available to users in the US, UK, China, and France in their respective languages. Also, the Android version is available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada (English and French), China, France and India (English). Other countries and languages ​​are in the works, added Belfiore.

In Thailand, the app is still not yet officially available, but on websites such as you can still download and install the APP.

Apples Victory

Apple gained a great Victory in his battle against FBI. The company can’t be forced to develop a application to unlock the iPhone used by San Bernadino shooter.

A great Victory for our privacy.

After Microsoft’s new Mobile Phones was released, we can read like so many times before that Microsoft’s problem child Windows Mobile is bad.

Both hardware and software are flawed, can be read on many websites and in many newspapers. I sometimes wonder whether the authors of such reviews ever since had a Windows Phone in their hands or whether they see it only from one side because they do not want it the other way.

The web designer Mihai Cristian Andrei, however, has opted for Windows Phone and against his iPhone. On various blogs you can find his statement:

“As a web designer and photographer, you have to rely on your cell phone when it comes to efficiency, productivity and quality. I used my iPhone 6 daily for five months when I decided to try a Lumia 930. I knew that I throw away a very prestigious product, but I felt that a Windows Phone might actually be better for me, and oh boy I was right. ”

Here are some points that you should keep in mind.

  1. The keyboard

iphone-5+lumia-820-thai-keyboardI just do not get along with the keyboard of the iPhone, the Spelling Checker is just awful. Microsoft also has had some problems, but it’s all a lot easier to configure and the learning process for entering text in Windows Mobile is easy and superior to the iPhone and Android.

  1. Cortana

This is a weakness of the iPhone, which I expected. I mean, how many iPhone users complain about Siri? All of them, it seems. What surprised me, however, how much better Cortana is. It is beautifully integrated into Bing, but it’s more than just a translator for Internet search. Cortana is a digital assistant integrated into Windows Mobile. I could write a whole article about the miraculous functions of Cortana.

  1. The “Back” button

The iPhone has only one home button and this makes it almost impossible to just go back one step. With Windows Mobile I have both, which makes the operation much easier

  1. The Camera

A special hardware element are the Nokia smartphone cameras. The high-end Nokia devices had exceptional cameras, and the purchase of the Nokia mobile business was a brilliant move by Microsoft.

The PureView technology gives Windows Mobile users high-resolution sensors, incredible digital zoom and Carl Zeiss lenses to impress even most cynical smartphone users.

The Microsoft Camera app offers a simple yet stylish user interface with a variety of features and options.

  1. The user interface

UIIn many ways, the user interface is the most important thing when choosing a mobile operating system. All three major platforms offer more apps than you can ever install in your live, and the hardware depends on the manufacturer and not by the operating system itself.

But the user interface is totally different for the various operating systems. To be fair they are all good and many users just like one Platform more as the others, but it requires only a short time to get familiar into one of the other operating system’s user interface

The Windows Mobile user interface is excellent; smooth, simple and nice understated. In some ways it is better than iOS and Android, in other ways it is not. Try Windows Mobile and there is a possibility that you like the user interface so much, that you do not want to return to iOS or Android.

The Windows Mobile user interface is better than you think.

  1. Hardware

The new Lumia phones running under Microsoft Brand offer visually seen nothing special, but at the inside is this different. The newest Lumia 950 and 950XL have an AMOLED display, one of the best screens used in smartphones. The colors are bright and there are no problems when looking at it from the side. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 in the 950 XL has 8 cores and 3GB of RAM make this smartphone very fast. The storage capacity can be expanded with an SD card to up to 200 GB. This is currently the largest capacity of SD cards! Although BlackBerry advertises the BlackBerry Priv which can use up to 2TB SD cards (not existing yet!), but this is probably only possible in a few years.

The battery is indeed something which could be better, but in normal use it’s still enough for more than a day. The new quick-charge function can charge the smartphone to over 50% within a very short time. With GPS, 3G, WIFI and Bluetooth turned on, keeps the Battery my Lumia 640 XL (Dual SIM) alive for almost 1-day.

continuumIris scanning is something very new and therefore not perfect. But it is worth keeping an eye on in literally. Continuum enables you to transform the smartphone into a small PC. With a small dock, the smartphone can be connected to monitor, keyboard, mouse and external hard drives without losing its phone functions.

  1. Conclusion

Yes, the iPhone is in many ways brilliant, many Android phones are great, but this does not make Windows Mobile less worth. All mobile operating systems have their problems. Windows Mobile itself is far from perfect, but also Android or iOS are not perfect.

The app market for iPhone and Google Play for Android, have significantly more apps than the Microsoft Store, but this was also the case with iPhone and Android, as the first mobile phones came out. Android and iOS have been around for many years and during this time Microsoft had not done much to improve its mobile operating system.

While Android or iPhone provides greater flexibility when it comes to apps, Windows Phone has great potential, better integration across multiple platforms and fluidity. With the changing smartphone market, the world needs a solid platform, that has the quality and the potential to develop spanning across mobile, desktop and cloud.

  1. The Future

Finally, we must look to the future. The future will come, and there is nothing we can do to stop this. However, we can change it, and we should change it for the better.

With respect to the mobile operating systems, this means; let the little guy (Windows Mobile) a chance. I know it’s hard to imagine Microsoft as the little guy, but the Redmond OS is behind both Android and iOS, which can be seen from the difference in the global market share.

We require Windows Mobile to succeed to keep Google and Apple on their toes. If we lose, then Apple will control the high end of the market, while Google dominates the low-end market. And a lack of competition means a reduction in innovation and a rising tide of consumer harmful practices.

I know that’s not your problem. But there it will be in the next few years if we let all Windows Mobile die through lack of interest.

We need a strong third platform to fight against iOS and Android and produce a balance.

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The answer is no, but people interpreting their statement wrong!

It is sometimes real funny to read how people try to make some headlines.

Microsoft made following statement to “The Guardian”

“For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they’ll need if they decide to upgrade. When the upgrade is ready, the customer will be prompted to install Windows 10 on the device.”

At for example (there are much more complaining, see the links at the end of this post) they write:

Microsoft need to apologize and give users a tool to identify and delete this package.

The sooner the better to make this all go away…

Both sentences showing me that they are not able to understand the above statement, or they just do now want to understand.

Now many people has chosen to enable automatic updates and so they will get a important Windows 7 and / or Windows 8.1 update! The Windows 10 update. THE USER HAS CHOSEN, NOT MICROSOFT!

So why should Microsoft apologize? Why should they make this all go away?

Also asking for a way to delete this downloaded Files is ridiculous, since the Folder Name and location is already known for some time and  I have posted it here:

Just go to your System Drive and delete the $windows.~BT Folder, but you have turned off automatic updates since otherwise Windows 10 will be downloaded again.

Automatic update is there to provide you with the newest security updates and bug fixes. I believe that Windows 10 has a big increase in security and fixes a lot problems which we can find in older Windows Versions. Also some older Windows will no more run on newer PC’s. There is no reason to stick with an obsolete Windows XP or with Windows 7 from which we already  know that it will be obsolete soon .

Do not blame Microsoft for things Apple is doing for a long time.


Microsoft Snip

Microsoft Snip is a so-called Garage Project, a Beta Version of a quite cool App.

SNIPAfter you downloaded and installed this little App, you will get a small Menu bar on the upper middle of your Monitor, Capture, Whiteboard and Camera Buttons are available in this automatically hiding Menu bar.

Capture is used for doing Screen captures, which is nothing special, but after you captured your Monitor or a part of it, the Snip Editor will be opened.  This Editor will also appear if you click the Whiteboard Button.  It is used to record Voice Notes to the Screenshot or the Whiteboard. It also includes different color pens and pen sizes. Additional copy, share, save and Library buttons making the App complete. You are able to save your Screenshot, copy it to another Application and share it direct with others.

The Video below shows Snip in Action.


Snip is still in Beta, but already a very good App, which I recommend to give a try.



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29. July 2015

Tomorrow (in Thailand we have already the 29th. but not in USA) Software Giant Microsoft will release its newest Operating System Windows 10. To be prepared for the official start of FREE upgrades for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Users Microsoft already started to deploy the necessary Files, size of approximately 3 GB, to eligible Users.

windows 10 folderTo see if your computer already downloaded this Files just go to your System Drive and check if there is a new Folder $windows.~BT. This is a hidden Folder (not like the Windows.old Folder after an upgrade), so make sure that you have configured your Computer to view hidden Files. On my Computer this folder already exists (see picture) and the Files are already downloaded. Looks like Microsoft just will send a signal to such Computer to start the upgrade. This would also explain why we had some internet troubles over the past few days. Just to much downloads from all our company computers.





Today Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10240, which is the RTM, Release to Manufacturing, Version. Microsoft trust this Version is stable and good enough and will give it to their Partners for Sale.


Win10 Please note, this post is my opinion to an post from Onuora Amobi at windows10update.

Onurora is writing very good articles but especially with this one I cannot completely agree.

 “I never liked Windows Phone. Never did. Objectively it has just never had the connection to end users that the  competition has.”

 I liked Windows Mobile since it beginnings, since it was and is the only System you can easy syncronise with your Windows PC  without getting your calendar entries or contacts doubled or tripled up.

 “This article is my very objective attempt to say what is wrong with Windows Phone and how it can be fixed.”

 I believe that this is a not very objective article and what one man believe is wrong, is from another mans point of view just some new  innovation from Microsoft.

Now let us start with the 6 changes Onuora think Microsoft must do:

windows mobileTiles have to go!

WOW, that is real innovation! Let them go back to Stone age? Should Microsoft use old fashioned iPhone Icons, so that Apple can sue them at court? I say it is not such a big difference between the icons or the tiles. Tile are bigger, can be resized and show you additional information. Why not, that is something new, nothing is wrong with this. I have a few friends and customers using Microsoft Phones and all are quite happy with the Tiles. They are bigger and easier to touch as these small icons at iPhone or Android phones. On My Notebook (no Touchscreen!) I use the old fashioned Start Menu only to click at a new App and pin it to the start screen. I do not need this old Start Menu; the Tiles are working perfectly for me. I make different groups for the apps and sort them nicely and that is it. SO why not telling all these other guys to stay focused and learn something new?

Keep the apps simple please

As a Windows User I was able to setup my Windows phone in minutes, for an Android Phone or an iPhone I need much more Time, iPhone = complicated, Android = to much versions where the settings are on different places. Sometimes my email account settings are just not accepted! This is real a pain in the A$#% (you know what I mean). Never had problems with Windows Phones.

My primary Apps would include Office, Skype, Line and Remote Desktop; secondary I would need a calculator and Whats App. Bing I do not need since I have Cortana. Every User has his own “primary’ or “secondary” Apps, so if Microsoft has from your point of view to many apps, then they just want to bring the apps for everybody. You can easy long tab at a app and uninstall it, you do not need to drag the icon into a garbage bin.

Forget about the floating tiles, but let’s look at your comment not to focus at good lenses (Karl Zeiss). Now iPhone has one of the best cameras and I know a lot people who just decided to buy an iPhone since it makes better pictures or has more games. So if Microsoft is not focusing at better lenses they cannot compete with Apple and some Android Devices.

Focus on making the ecosystem integration work.

At this point I must agree with you. If Microsoft get Continuum proper working people will start to think twice.

We need less models

Yes, they are flooding the entry level market with quite a lot different devices, but think about how many Android devices are released every month, how many competitor does Microsoft need to beat? I personally think that apple is doing it wrong in releasing one Model and just giving the older models away at a cheaper price. What I would like to see is some new models released every 6 – 12 month.

We need better models

Yes, we need better models and it seems like the better models will be released with Windows 10 Mobile. It really looks like Microsoft is just waiting for the final Version of their new mobile operating system. The Idea with a surface phone sounds perfect for me, but never mind how it will be called, it should be released soon.

Windows Phone needs focused marketing

“Microsoft is a productivity company. They are making things to help us be more productive so that’s what the focus should be on.” I like this! On the other side I cannot agree with you that an iPhone will work for my daily work. It would only be particularly productive for me, but a Windows Phone is 100% productive for me. With  proper marketing for Cortana and Continuum Microsoft could get a bigger piece of the mobile market.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Windows 10 mobile is much easier to setup and configure as iOS or Android, sorry I am a old fashioned Windows Guy . It is compatible with the World’s Number One PC Operating System, Windows. Documents I open at my PC, my Tablet or my phone are shown as they are, there is no change in the Column size, the font is the same, no wrong formatting at all.  Try this on Apple or Android.

If I today reset my Nokia Lumia 1320 I will automatically get all my apps installed as I had before, self my different email accounts are correctly configured. I only have to type in the passwords. So I believe that Windows 10 Mobile is already simple.

My Conclusion:

All Apps I use on a daily base are included in Windows 10 Mobile and the apps are free and are working. There are still some problems to fix, but Windows 10 mobile is not released yet. My Phone is a 100% compatible with my Notebook, my PC and the 2 Tablets I use. All running on Windows 10 Technical Preview right now, but also my companies Design PC with Windows 8.1 Professional is syncing my Data smooth and without any issues.

I use my Phone for work and Microsoft Windows 10 is helping me very well to keep anything updated on all devices. If I would need a phone for playing Games or making best quality pictures I would buy me an iPhone 6.

I know that EPAC.ASIA is a very small not well-known technology blog. I do this blog in my spare time to give friends and customers some additional information, but maybe some people read it and share it so that more and more people will read it.


read the post I mentioned here:


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Early morning the release date from Windows 10 was revealed in an Microsoft announcement. From 29. July onwards you can download Windows 10 and take advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Users.

See the official Video here.


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